Sunday, August 26, 2012


I wake up with heart palpitations at the thought of school starting all over again in less than two weeks. School for my kids is as good as being school for me.  It's like going back to real work!

The stress of homework is compounded with the burden of feeding my kids right.  This summer, it has been an enormous struggle to feed my son.  I have resorted to 'ninja juice' which is a cocktail of chocolate milk and chocolate Pediasure - a thought poohed poohed by my pediatrician friend as 'sweetening' his taste preference.  He only drinks it because he associates it with Ninjago, and he gets to consume it at our new 'bar counter' located at what is called the 'dry kitchen' in our Singapore apartment.

I have also made more pancakes in the last two weeks than I ever would back in New York for an entire year.  Part of it was due to the fact that my sister had paid $22 for a bag of oat, honey pancakes and $33 for a canister of maple syrup from the new Dean and Deluca store in Singapore.  I was tasked with Sunday brunch for dad and sis, complete with salty bacon smuggled in from Australia and pork sausages.  But seriously sis, do I need a taste of Dean and Deluca when I pass by it all the time on the Upper East Side?

So I dragged my kids to get a taste of my local breakfast - THE breakfast of champion students on their way to morning school at 6.30am.  My kids almost died.  Two half-boiled eggs, drowned in soy sauce and a dash of white pepper, coupled with kaya toast.  I regaled my tale of slurping the eggs from a saucer if I had to rush to school.  Wide-eyed, they remarked, "You did that?  Eeeew."

Regardless, the eggs were as good as any protein shake forced down a little child and kept me energetic for a good part of the morning.  These days, I can relive my favorite breakfast conveniently, at a Ya Kun or Toastbox shop.  I liked Ya Kun's kaya but found their bread over-toasted, dry and crusty.  I was curious about Toastbox's thick bread slices but found their kaya too bland.  I must say that Chin Mee Chin (or Chimmy as we affectionately call our neighborhood shop) still serves up something more familiar for me. (Check out New York Times article featuring Chin Mee Chin.)

Chin Mee Chin
204 East Coast Road

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