Friday, August 3, 2012

Kon Loh Meen

I have spent the first week in Singapore setting up our new home.  My children feel completely abandoned and tell me that my type of homework means 'shopping' (as opposed to theirs which is academic).  After another exhaustive day of driving around, my sister and I stopped by Katong to buy dinner.  We went to Mei Yuen along East Coast Road at 8pm, just as the noodle seller was winding down his business for the day.

A flood of nostalgia meant that I had to grab my iPhone and start snapping photos.  The noodle man  felt shy and murmured that he was not handsome enough to have photos taken.  "Never mind Uncle!" I assured him that looks had no bearing on his delicious cooking.  An Indian customer of thirty years commented that I was capturing the visuals before they disappeared.  According to him, these more popular stores have been selling their recipes and retiring.

Mei Yuen was a favorite of my brothers-in-law.  Back in the 70s and 80s, when it was called Mui Fang,   my sisters would stop by to 'tapau' several packets of their signature yellow noodle dish we call Kon Loh Meen - Cantonese for 'dry pulled noodles'.  It was blanched noodles, garnished with slices of char siew, wonton dumplings and blanched greens.  The chili sauce was the most essential ingredient and determined the overall standard of the Kon Loh Meen.   Yes, there are noodle shops all over Singapore but one goes to a personal favorite.  This was mine.

My bashful noodle man was only too flattered to be photographed.  He gave me plump slices of char siew.

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