Sunday, October 28, 2012

Street Food

Tonight is dark and quiet as we wait for the big storm.  Such an evening is ideal to tune in to the telly, like back in the days when I would snuggle in my mother's bed, the lights turned down and the air-con switched on.  My mother and I would watch a black and white P Ramlee movie on Friday nights which aired on the Malaysian TV channel, using her tiny Hitachi TV set.  Often, there would be a movie scene whereby P Ramlee would be sitting by the roadside slurping some mee rebus from a street vendor.  Street food has always been big business. Articles have been written and books have been published about the street food in New York and other countries.

I thought of those P Ramlee scenes this past Friday as I walked past JP Morgan 'central'.  The block on East 47th Street, sandwiched between the two JP Morgan buildings was occupied by a line of food trucks revving up for lunch rush hour.  These trucks included ones for Colombian food, Korean, Japanese, and even Maine lobster rolls.  A big progression from the stationary cart selling the popular chicken and rice combo - of which the most famous vendor is located near MoMa on 6th Avenue.  And definitely a lot more frills than the simple bagel breakfast cart or for that matter, the hotdog stand.

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