Monday, March 3, 2014

2013/2014 Cookbook Choices- about Singapore

So the Oscar season has wrapped up.  But I thought that we could continue our discernment of fine productions by looking at a few of the cookbooks I picked up this year.  There were so many impressive ones that I will be posting a few of them each day for this week.  The daily selection will be categorized by a common theme they share.  

Today's is "Singapore & Penang street food" by Tom Vandenberghe and Luk Thys.  It comprises more than 60 original street food recipes.  This genre has become very hip and on a recent visit to 'Kitchen Arts and Letters' bookstore, there was a front display of street food books from around the world.  Vandenberghe has travelled frequently to Asia and has given workshops in his cooking studio.  Thys is a talented food photographer (no easy feat) who captured familiar street food in its authentic context.

Flipping through the book, the images brought back accurate depictions of home and transported me back to my local environs without having to hop on SIA.  It covers char kway teow, black carrot cake, oluak, beef kway teow soup, chicken rice, Hokkien mee, Katong laksa, curry puffs among many, many others.  The book also includes dishes from Penang.  A great compare and contrast study to Singapore's hawker selection.

Buy the book if you find it and keep it for posterity.

Another book - a plug for my publisher - is "The Little Singapore Cookbook" which is an abridged compilation of Wendy Hutton's classic, "Singapore Food". You will often find it in the Changi airport bookstores.  A good gift for the newly-inducted Singapore visitor - a little souvenir to remember all that wonderful food consumed during her sojourn.

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